Jack H 1964 Ford Mustang 2dr Coupe

Becoming President of a Car Club Without A Car!

Approximately 4 years ago...I became involved in the planning of an Antique & Custom Car Show, in my hometown.

I had several friends with cars, involved in the Finger Lakes Region AACA. I did not have a car, but, that was not important to them. They wanted my career skills in event planning. I joined the club, through my contacts in my hometown : we organized, promoted, and created "History On Wheels"...now in planning for the 5th year (2015). I first drove the Mustang in a wedding last fall. Borrowed it from a close friend, who would take no money; so as a thank you I had it detailed, before it went into storage for winter. My friend approached me this past spring that the Mustang was for sale... I was the only person he was considering to sell it to...and I bought it. (He did sweeten the deal with free storage for the 1st winter!)

My friends in the car club were happy and sad...happy that their president had FINALLY bought a car and sad that they could no longer introduce me as "our president, without a car!"

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