Richard M 1954 Chevrolet Corvette 2dr Roadster

1954 Corvette engine

I was helping with the restoration of a 1954 Corvette redoing the frame and suspension. The vehicle was obtained with a 283 and a search was on to find a blue star for the build. We called at least 10 different "junkyards" in and around Buffalo trying to find one. We found a potential car in an old yard near East Aurora. My friend wrote down the serial number of the Corvette on a piece of paper and we were off on a road trip. Of course the donor car was located at the back of the huge yard and the guy did not know if all of the engine was still there as he had not been near it for a few years. We found the Bel-air with a 5 inch tree growing out of the engine compartment. the engine was still there, just missing the intake and exhaust manifold (we had Corvette 3x1 setup and exhaust manifolds). I crawled into the engine compartment to find the serial number on the engine. I read it off and my buddy said, no wait, that is the same as I have on my paper. I reread the number to him after cleaning off the dirt. He said, that cannot be right, we just found the engine that was the next one down the assembly line from the correct one for the Corvette. We stood there for a few minutes in amazement. I ran up to the yard office to get their yard truck and borrow a chain saw. We had the engine out in about 30 minutes. In 45 years working on cars this is one for the books.

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