Shawn L 1979 Lincoln Continental Mk V Pucci Edition 2dr Coupe

I'm 18 with a Land Yacht of a Lincoln

My name is Shawn, I am an 18 year old car nut, and for a long time I had been watching this 1979 Lincoln Continental Mark V from the road on my way to school and into town. I had always wondered, “Would they sell that car?” Well it turns out the lady who owns the car is my neighbor’s sister and her husband came to my house one day and if the world wasn’t small enough, her husband is one of my father’s old high school teachers. Well he told me about the car and that he and his wife were looking to get rid of it and I kind of thought, hey it might be something to check out and then he tells me where he lives….my reaction was, “Holy crap I know the exact car you are talking about!!”

So a couple of days later I stopped by with a friend of mine, and introduced myself to his wife, she was very nice about showing me the car and explaining that her mother bought the car in the late 90’s from the original owner, had the engine replaced and brought it here from Oregon. She explained to me that everything is original except the engine, and that the car had been sitting in her back yard since 2007 which was shortly after her mother passed and she inherited the car. The tires are still holding air!!! After inspecting the car I saw that it is virtually rust free, and has maybe one or two dents in the body! I was so excited to have finally been offered a car that I have been watching for close to 6 years, I had also done some research on the car before I made them an offer and found out it is the Emilio Pucci edition and was 1 of 763 of those editions that were produced over a span of 2 years. The next day I brought my father along and we met with the owners again to see if we could bring this big beautiful beast back to life. Well it fired once and I think we scared it because it won’t do it again, but it turns out we weren’t getting any spark after it fired and I was able to make a great deal with them for the car at a great price. I am very excited to get this rare backyard find back to running condition and start to drive it! This is my winter project and by next summer the land yacht will be floatin down the road again with my 1967 Ford Thunderbird by its side!

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