Fred R 1972 Cadillac DeVille 4dr Hardtop Sedan

Dad's last Cadillac

Dad died in 1986. His last and favorite automobile was the turqoise green Cadillac Sedan Deville he bought new in 1972. It was never dirty for more than a day and he dusted it with a "get um" dust cloth at least once a week. My mother drove it a few times after Dad died, but she made sure to keep it clean as that was what "dad wanted". And she always made sure the dust cover was on. It has been in the garage since his death. Mom died in March, 2014, and I have had to clean out the house and the garage. When I uncovered it, my wife, who had never seen it totally uncovered, fell in love with it. It is in pristine condition and has less than 50,000 miles. I believe the last time it was started was at least 25 years ago. We trailered it home and will go over it and get it running. It is all original, and barely a scratch. My wife can't wait to drive it ( and neither can I).

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