Richard Z 1923 Ford Model T HOT ROD

"Hot Rod Roadster"

I’m a Veteran car hunter, but this is my favorite! My 1923 Ford T-Roadster (T-Bucket). Original owner/ builder wanted a street roadster in 1964- He built this car! Finished ‘67/’68… into storage around 1970, UNTOUCHED until 2012. Took over a year to buy! Specs: Kellison body, custom frame, Dropped axle, split wishbones, ’56 265 .060 over, 30/30 cam, twin AFB’s (originally 3-97’s), ’39 toploader with Zephyr gears, 50’s Halibrand QC rear, Front wheels: Harley sidecar hubs with 19” hoops from Jerry Ruth’s dragster, Rear brakes: drilled Buick from a gasser! One of a kind REAL Hot Rod! Preservation restoration underway.

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