Steve G 1961 impala conv

Young and dumb

The year was 1985 , a close car bud of mine told me about this 61 convert sitting in a barn about an hour away from where we live . So of course I had to go check it out . We'll I get there and tell the owner that a guy he works with told me about the car and would he be willing to sell. Stopped me before I could even finish . He said he is saving it for his son which is 15 . I asked if I could at least just look at it being I drove this far , he didn't mind . We went to the barn and wow , there it was , sitting high up on blocks all dusty ( about 1 inch of dust ) top up but ripped and sagging , but the body and interior fine The white paint with red insert on side molding, and red and white int , black top. All there , only thing missing was the tri carbs and intake , they had replaced with a 4 b . The father and his brother had ordered the car new with the tri set up with 3 speed just for drag racing, but eventually changed the carbs . So after a few yrs of racing it , they put it to bed. And that's where it sat for yrs. Well after drooling for about an hr , I thanked him for his time , and left let down. About 1 yr later the friend that put me on the car , told me the son was about to get the car , but also told me he was wanting a Vega , cause all his buddy's were putting V8s in them , and so of course he wanted to hang with them . Instantly I had a bright idea , I had recently bought a 76 vega wagon that was loaded and in mint cond . So then I decided to play dirty . I waited until the dad went fishing , then went back to where the 61 was , luckily the boy was outside mowing the yard, so I asked if I could see the car , he said yea but it ain't for sale cause it's gonna be mine , I said oh darn , I was going to see if I could trade that vega I'm in for it , You would have thought that kid hit the lotto he steered jumping up and down saying yea yea I will trade . And I said hold on , your not of age so it will have to be your daddy to make the deal . He runs in the house , calls his dad's cabin , and tells him the deal , and man you can hear his dad screaming on the other end , but the boy kept telling his dad ( you said it was mine and I could do what I wanted to with it ) so his dad finally said yes . So I said I would be back next Sat to do the deal. And bring my mechanic , cause I'm driving it home not towing . So the day of while my mech was doing all new fluids , brakes , oil change , and what else he could , I was busy tearing off what was left of the top , and cleaning the int , Got lucky on int , all it needed was soap and armor all , and the red and white int looked brand new . We'll after 5 hrs of work , I pull out of the barn and head home. Smiling all the way home I kept thinking how mad the dad was , and how that kid was young and dumb. On the way home I stopped by another car bud to show him my new barn find , and after about 10 mins of him knocking how bad this was and that was , the only rust was a tad of surface rust on top of the fenders and that was it , all sheet metal good and floors . But by the time I left there , I wasn't grinning any longer , cause all that talk just reminded me of the last car I done . A 51 Chevy convert , that I took all the way down to bare metal. And swore I would never do that again . Well mins later I pull in my driveway , and my neighbor comes out yelling he has to have that car , he kept on so I thought I would shut him up and spew out sum outrageous number . He said wait there , he went in the house and got his checkbook . Monday my so called buddy that trashed talk the car called me and ( you ain't honing to believe this , they only made 113 of those converts with tri power and 3 speed , man you got something there ) , I wanted to reach through the phone and kill em . Then instantly I thought of the young kid and said to my self ( I don't guess you to be young to be dumb) and that's the one that got away.

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