Rhonda N 1956 Chevrolet Corvette 2dr Convertible

Thought she would never be mine...until one day.

I have always loved and owned old or fast cars. Knew about this car for years. It was owned by the Stepmother of my daughters boyfriend at the time. Had both a 57 Chevy and a 56 Chevy and I drove the 57 to their house for a dinner one night. Walked in through the garage and that is when I first saw the car. Covered in junk, three for four colors, missing the front teeth (the ring was there), missing the exhaust chrome pieces, but the rest was there. Soft top, hard top, hydraulic system to life the top up and down, Wonder Bar radio Original 265 with a two 4 barrel setup, with a manual 3 spd. Wrong seats and pretty beat up over all. Hit in the front and back and looked like monkeys tried to put it back together. The current owner's significant other would get plastered and take it mud running at Cow Mountain. You can imagine her condition. They never wanted to sell it and I would ask every time I went over there. Always thinking that car had to be mine. One day out of the blue and many moons later they called and asked if I was still interested. Took me two seconds to decide that one. Promised them if they would give it to me at certain price, which was 12,000 below the price that it was appraised at in it's present condition, that I would restore the car to original condition and make them proud. I bought it and brought her home; pretty much a rolling wreck. Two years later this is what she became. A stunning 1956 Corvette Convertible. Would need to find scan the before pictures to see the difference. Always a work in progress but drop dead gorgeous. That's the story of my dream car. Oh yeah, sold the 57 (Stella) during restoration as I needed the $$$$ to finish it. Cried like a little baby the day that the 57 car drove away. The day I brought the Corvette home I took the car to see the previous owner and she had tears in her eyes. Oh I owe this all to my friends Greg and Scott for helping me build my dream car. Can't forget them. I've named her Rhita.

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