Harmon N 1970 Plymouth Sport Satellite 2dr Hardtop Coupe

The perfect project provided by someone willing to wait

The second picture is of my dad back in 1970 driving an off the lot Superbird. His uncle owned a dealership. I remember growing up my dad telling me about this car with it's bright colors, and its ridiculous (yet awesome) rear wing. He told me of looking through classic mopar brochures and remembering all the cool colors they offered. The funny thing my dad is actually a chevy guy. I have always wanted a superbird. However, being a college student and with limited funds I knew i couldn't afford one now and most likely I wouldn't ever be able to. So I made up my mind that I would build a clone. Now when building a clone superbird you dont want to use a roadrunner, because that would be a good road runner that should stay a roadrunner. I needed a satellite I had been married for about a year and had bought and sold 4 different cars by this point. My wife was most likely caught off guard a little bit but she liked the cars I would buy and then trade or sell. Typically we would make a little money too, so that helped my cause. Anyways, one day I found a 1970 plymouth satellite for sale on craigslist, I called the guy and told him this was exactly what I was looking for. After explaining my situation, and offering a nice 77 ramcharger and a dodge dart hang ten, he said no, However he said he would hold the car for me while i traded those cars, he said he would like a muscle car in replacement. SO I went to work, daily I would search craigslist all over the west offering my cars up for trade, he helped as well, searching and asking,searching and asking. I drove my wife crazy, because she knew this was my dream car and she figured it couldnt be done, the ramcahrger was worth a fourth of what the plymouth was. Finally we found a man who would take the ramcharger for a 66 impala ss. My new craigslist friend said that would work. We drove from boise to bozeman and back in one day to make the trade happen. Then 2 days later went to salt lake to trade the SS for the plymouth. The man whose name was Lee, was so nice, he had actually held the car for me and had helped me get a dream car. We still touch base every now and then to see how one another is doing. I am indebted to him, and I hope to help out another young car guy in the same manner someday. One thing I have come to realize is there are great people in the classic car industry, truly some of the nicest people I have met have been because of cars. So now, I build a replica of the car my Dad drove, it will take time, I know, especially being in college, but I am patient, and the car will someday be seen cruising the Idaho highways.

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    Tony Atlanta July 31, 2017 at 10:54
    That's exactly the same car I'm looking for ! How's the project coming along so far ??? Anyone know of a reasonable price 1970 satellite let me know !!!

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