Tony S 1998 Lincoln Continental Mk VIII LSC 2dr Coupe


In 1999 I up-graded a 1974 T-Bird, I had for 21 years, and got a 1995 Lincoln Mark VIII, for my wife's daily driver. In 2012 I was going to get her a new car. Her answer, NO,I like my car. I started looking for a car for her to use while I refurbished the 95. We both love the Lincoln, so that's what I looked for. Found a 1998 Collectors Edition way up near Cape Cod, only 1300 CE's made. I got my brother to take a ride with me to look at it in February 2012, 113 miles one way, in very bad weather, rain, sleet, and snow. Made the deal, and we headed back. About 30 miles into the return trip, I found out the windshield washer didn't work, and had to stop to clear the windshield. I had him drive in front of me, and when I flashed the lights, he would drive in the wet parts of the road, allowing me to use the wipers. We got back safely, and first thing I did was to hose the car off. When I found out only 1300 CE's were built, I started looking for another for my wife, this one is mine. I now have 5 Lincoln Mark VIII's. Oh yea, she has her 95 back, and loves it.

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