Kris E 1969 Saab 96 V4 2dr Coupe

My Most Exciting Car Hunt Ever, a Not So Saab Story

I often searched Craigslist for all things pre 93 Saab. It was part fun, part addiction caused by my ownership of three different 900 model Saabs that I thoroughly enjoyed. One day back in fall 2012, I happened upon a listing for a 1969 Saab 96 V4 Deluxe located in a shabby little river town right across the bridge from my Pittsburgh neighborhood.

I figured anything in that town wouldn't cause me to open my wallet, but I had never even seen a 96 model Saab before. I asked my wife's permission and headed over the bridge. I couldn't believe it, it was actually intact. The elderly, cigar smoking owner had never had it out of the garage since he bought it well used and drove it to that garage about 15 years earlier. He told me he bought it from my Lawrenceville neighborhood where he saw it parked on the street near a car lot. I knew it needed work, but the interior was intact and it came with a rusted out parts car. I was not prepared financially, but I paid the $1,200.00 and then had both cars towed to my Saab mechanic.

When I bought it, it was covered in dirt and the only work completed was the installation of incorrectly size wheels that rubbed against the body. I waited a year for my mechanic to get it back on the road and $4,000 dollars later I had a nice solid little car. I am often told not to drive old cars as daily drivers, but I never listen. It broke down the first day I drove it (as some rust clogged the fuel pump), but it has been courageous and strong ever since.

I have had a 1973 red Mercedes 450SL in the past that elicited angry looks and even insults, but my light blue Saab gets all smiles and polite inquiries. Sometimes people guess whether it's a two stroke or not, in fact a cyclist once asked while biking beside my car.

I've had the car in several shows and have never regretted my journey across the bridge since.

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