Tony S 1994 Lincoln Continental Mk VIII 2dr Coupe

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Looking around on the web, I found a 1994 Lincoln Mark VIII for sale. I didn't need one (at the time I had 4 ), but this one caught my eye. It only had 57K miles on it, and all mine are red, this was white. The seller listed some of the things that needed help. The car had been for sale for 7 months. I had to go see it. Talking to the seller, (the daughter) she told me it was her dad's pride and joy, and that he had passed away. He was a former marine, like myself, and I think I got a few points because of that. They didn't sell it because they wanted someone to care for it, like he did, and not trash it. I'm glad I drove the 95 MK VIII, all done over like new, when I first went to see it. I left and said I'd consider their price. We went back and fourth on the web for awhile, and I gave them an offer with a deadline. One minute before my offer expired, they said OK. The day I went to get it, I drove my Collector Edition. They saw 2 of my cars, and were happy it was going to a good home. The daughter told me the day before, her brother came over and just sat in the car for 1/2 hour. Mom did the same thing the morning I picked it up.She told me the next day, that when the flatbed, and I pulled away, her and mom had a 15 minute cry. This car was part of their life, and a link to her dad. I never felt bad about buying a car until this time. What could I do? I sent flowers for her and mom. They thanked me, and said if I ever wanted to sell it to give them a call. We stay in touch, so I can show them the work I do to the car. I have a few more things to do to it, and when It's done I'll go take them for a ride in it. Wipe those tears, this is a true story.

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