Robert B 1973 Buick Riviera 2dr Hardtop Coupe

Love for the Boattail

In 1976 I was looking for a new vehicle to drive as a travel vehicle, and was in the Buick dealer lot. I ran across beatiful Rosewood 1973 Buick Riviera and enjoyed this vehice for a couple years. Due to a move and gases prices going to .75 I decided to sell the Vehicle Then in the early 80's a friend had one for sell and i bought it again after buying a parts car sold both. Moving forward to 2007 and retirement I decided I needed a now 35 year old Boattail Rivera and always liked the 1973.

So after Scanning ebay yahoo and serveral web sites I found one in Pittsburgh PA with very low Miles (18,000) but before I got a bid in someone bought it. But in Willow Grove, Pa was a boattail with 46,00 miles and a one owner vehicle. The dealer was going to Restore, but deciced to sell it. After talking with his brother inlaw several times. I gave him a bid and he took it. So sight unseen I bought this vehicle with a good investment of my Retirement Income. It was the fall and since it was the beginning of Snowbird shipping there vehicles to Fl it took several weeks

to get it home. I was told of the probelms by the Used car salesman so when I recieved it was true Oil and transmission Leaks Rust over the rear wheels No wipers but very nice still.

So now I have a Second owner Vehicle with less than 60,000 miles yes I drive to Riviera Owner shows been too Lexington Kentucky and Elijay Georgia and plan to do a couple more it the future.

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