DON G 1969 Jaguar E-Type SII 2dr Coupe

Just HOW do you know of this car?

We bought our first Jag, a modified/butchered XKE that ran but needed tons of body & mechanical work. But I was thrilled! The wife, maybe less so. It shorted out on the drive home..Yikes!

A year later, after joining the local Jag Club, we heard of a repo XKE with new paint, in good condition. We had a chance to pick it up at, or near, the amount owed the bank!

So off we went to the bank in question, and asked about seeing this rare bargain, as Jags in Denver are not cheap! (Are they anywhere?). You would have thought we were casually asking about our nations most top secret affairs! First of all, they had no such car, and how did we know of it? Well, pardon me, sir, but if you want to know how we came about this info, then you just TOLD ME it exists...good grief! Now he's flustered. Caught in his lie. But we'd have to return to see a VP that was gone this week on vacation. Fine with us, as long as you don't sell this car you don't have in the mean time! More embarrassment, and a mild assurance that since it wasn't even checked out, it wasn't for sale, yet.....OOPS!

Next Monday, we return. Now we are reguarded as spies, or worse yet, possibly bank auditors posing as a couple of car nuts!

After we laugh at their silly ideas, he finally admits to the car being in the bank basement parking garage....and HOW did we become aware of it?

I simply told him that it was mentioned at the last Jag meeting, by no other than HIS boss, who is a fellow member of the club.

Relief washed over his face, and he inquired as to why we had not told the previous bank official of this. I mentioned that he was so flustered, that he asked only once, than ran off at the mouth so much we couldn't get a word in! Then he was so comical, I decided to let him stew in his own juices, so to speak.

That day we saw the car, though the keys were not to be found. We gave it a good look over, as it was unlocked, and said we were, indeed interested.

Within a week, we had a beautiful XKE that we enjoyed for 8 years...and I still miss it!

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