Harry L 1962 Chevrolet Corvette 2dr Convertible

It all comes back together, one piece at a time.

I bought a Red 1962 Corvette Convertible in early 1980, long after previously having another 1962 Vette when I was a Junior in High school in 1962-3. This one had a fresh paint job, and Fuel Injection flags on the side. However, the motor had been changed to a 1968 350 engine with a Turbo 400 Automatic transmission. I didn't pay much attention to the Fuelie flags, as I was just enamored with the car and getting back to the early days of Corvette. Later, upon checking more into the car, I learned it was a true, originally Fuel Injected Corvette, but missing the key components (engine and transmission).

Sometime in the mid-Eighties we were at the Bloomington Corvette swap meet when I found an original 1962 Corvette Fuel Injection unit, dated three weeks prior to the production of my Corvette. Prior to that, I had not intended to do anything but enjoy the car in it's present state.

Then in May of 1990, (ten years after I bought the car) a friend and I were at a swap meet about forty miles from my home. We came upon a guy with an aluminum Borg Warner T-10 Four Speed transmission on a flat bed trailer. It had a cracked Tail housing, but appeared okay other than that. Upon closer inspection, I saw the serial numbers stamped into the side of the Main case. Unbelievable, it had MY Corvette's Serial numbers, and therefore was the original transmission for my Fuelie! The guy was asking $65.00 and would not budge. We walked out of the spot and I told my friend, who had not been paying attention, that what I was looking at was my original T-10 transmission. He got excited and said "You have to go back and buy it!". I told him that I knew that , but the seller did not know I had to have it. We went back and I offered the guy $35.00 as is, without opening the case to check the gears. If it was to really be exactly as it came from the factory, it would have Close Ratio gears. The seller at first began to remove the side cover bolts, but stopped in mid-stream and said "how about $40.00 and we don't remove the cover?". I agreed and asked him how the Tail housing had been broken. He said his brother dropped the transmission when they were loading to come to the swap meet. We took the transmission to the car, and returned to shopping. When I got home, I couldn't wait to check out the internals of the tranny. Upon inspection, the gears were flawless, and they were truly the Close Ratio gears as the car had come with from the factory!

The moral of this adventure, is never give up searching and hoping to find the pieces to put our beloved classics back as they left the factory. Those gems are out there for those who enjoy the Hunt!

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