Arnold P 1932 Roadster

If Only I had Known

Back in the 1950's I worked at Draper Chevrolet In Milford NH. There was a junk yard in Wilton the next town that had many acres of cars. One day I stopped in and there was a 1932 Chevrolet rumble seat roadster for sale in the front yard. It was red with yellow wire wheels, much chrome including a chrome headlight bar and radiator shield. The body needed a little bit of work and a paint job but it was in running condition. The asking price was seventy-five dollars. I had fifty in my wallet which I offered, knowing that my wife would have been furious "What you paid fifty dollars for a car when we already have one!" The owner refused my offer saying he thought he could get his seventy-five. Oh what fools we mortals be.

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