Joe G 1965 Mercedes-Benz 190Dc 4dr Sedan

Everyone Got's a Story to Tell- My 1965 MB 190D

A lot of sales talk, and prodding from a friend got me to finally agree to buy this great classic; It wasn't "love at first sight", the first time I set eyes on it. My first thoughts were, it's a project and will take many hours and months to find parts, work on the rusts, etc. The seats, and dashboard looked like a tough one to work on, having experienced a lot of sleepless nights trying to find parts for another MB I have, a 67 250S.

To my surprise, the orginal seats, other than normal wear, was intact, as well as the dashboard; When I finally decided to take it, we charged the original battery overnight, installed and a few minor struggle with starting, got it running and up the ramp of the trailer. Parts have been easy to find and recently did the brakes, changed all the lines, a set of tires, and some time the first of the year, a paint job; I drive this one occasionally, at least once a week to town and never lacked attention or short talks with strangers in our small community. Not at all planned, I find myself owning 4 of these great cars, however, none that would break the bank when I bought them. Here's a list of my other MBs,, 1 in particular, the 65 250S, still a work in progress. The others, a 85 300CD, is in excellent condition, and a newer one for long distance driving, 320 CLK 2000

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