Ralph F 1966 Ford Mustang 2dr Coupe

Badges, We don't need no stinking badges

Some of you may have read the story of my '66 Mustang that my parents bought new in 1966. The story was published by Hagerty a few years ago and I believe was titled "The Prodigal Mustang Returns".

The story was about how I/We kept the car in the Family until 1993 and I sold it. I know my boys have told me how stupid I was. I found the car in 2010 at the Fall Carlisle Swap meet, just by chance. My wife told me I had to buy it back. I did.

This car was a dealer promotion back in 1966 in Baltimore, when we had the Baltimore Colts football team. The dealer, Bob Davidson Ford, installed the Ford "Country Squire" horse heads on the rear pillars and the word "Colt" in script on the car in celebration of the team that year. Our "Colt" script was on the trunk. This package was a white car with a blue interior or a blue car with a white interior. Through some of the bits and pieces that my father could remember, I think these may have been installed on the "Sprint" Mustangs to help them sell. Remember this paragraph

Through the years and the second restoration, the horse heads and the "Colt" script were removed because the restorer had no idea what it was and removed them and threw them away.

After I bought the car back in 2010, I started the search for the missing "Dealer" emblems. I looked for them at every swap meet I went to. Eventually I found the "Counrty Squire" horse heads on where else, Ebay! I was always looking for the "Colt" emblem to no avail. I searched Ebay figuring they might turn up. I called the dealer to see if anyone there knew where he had them made. No luck there!

I was surfing a Mustang forum and found a blog from 2007 and a guy was saying his friend had these bagdes on his car and they did not know what they were. He was talking about taking them off of the car. Of course, I was reading the blog in 2013 or 2014. I tried to blog to the guy, again to no avail. Somehow or another, I found another guy who seemed like he had a Mustang grave yard and I emailed him. He said he thought he knew pretty much everything there was to know about the different Mustang packages, but I just gave him another piece of information about a Mustang package. He answered my email saying he did not have what I was looking for, but he had a network of friends in the business and he thought he knew of these badges. He got in touch with his friend and got pictures which I have included here and sent them to me. He gave me his friends email address and I contacted him and we made a deal. Yes they are rough. But I now have those elusive badges back. I contacted a guy with a water jet who said he can make them and they will be pretty close to the originals. I tried to see about having these rechromed, but they are too far gone.

So I guess in closing, I got the car back, which I never should have sold in the first place and I eventually found badges that match the originals, which never should have been removed. I need to have them made, but I got them.

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