Dan J 1936 Pontiac Deluxe Eight 4dr Touring Sedan

A lifelong mystery garage

When I used to spend summers with my grandparents in rural Washington state each summer as a little kid back in the 50's I was already pretty car crazy. It was out in the country and as I would walk to the general store for comics, etc I would walk by my great uncles garage type building. I would look thru the dusty windows and I could see the shapes of some old cars, but never had a chance to go in and look around. I was so fascinated with he mystery of what was in that building, that I never forgot about it my entire life. In fact my wife remembers it being one of the first "stories" I told her about and actually showing her as we drove past. As I got older and the previous generation passes on I think its normal to get a little nostalgic. After the death of my mother I decided to ask my second cousin (my great Uncles son) if He would let me look in the building two years ago. I figured better do it now if I am ever going to do it at all. I have had some medical issues in the family that reinforce the "you never know"....

He agreed to meet me and took me into the building. I was pretty much speachless at that point as I saw a number of cars covered in dust and unmoved since going into that building in the 40's and 50's. In the building was a 39 Plymouth coupe, a 36 Pontiac Deluxe Eight Touring sedan, a 51 ford F1, and a Whizzer motorcycle along with the kind of stuff you see on Ameirican Pickers. But, there was one more surprise! Back in the corner of the building sitting up on a pile of wood was the Model T that my family came across country with in 1929. It had been converted into a pick up to haul what was left of their belongings as they moved from Nebraska to Washington State.

All of those cars and stuff are still in the building. My great Uncle and after him, my second cousin don't sell anything. The only exception is the 36 Pontiac that he agreed to let me take home if I promised to get it on the road and drive it to his house. For me, the feeling of family history and the possibility of being able to hand it down to my kids and now first grandchild is a powerful emotion. Just standing next to the car or working on it seems so special. I am making progress as it started and ran for the first time since 1952. Interestingly enough, the last time it ran and the last inspection sticker are from the year I was born. It just sat there and purred as only a big old straight eight can do. That was a special moment. It seemed like on old family member had come back to life. In cleaning out the car which was in very dry storage all these years I found an unopened Lucky Lager beer bottle, a church program from 1948 and a handwritten shopping list for wieners, pencils and milk. Hope to have it on the road to share the experience by next spring

The photos attached show my two second cousins that inherited the building and it's contents. They had never parted with anything much before this day.

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    Dawn Bybee Pensacola, Florida December 6, 2014 at 08:39
    Nice story!!! Hope to see your car again....running!! Love it

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