Michael R 1953 AC 2-Litre Bucklands 2dr Tourer


Some years ago, I lived in San Jose, California and noticed an ad for an AC BUCKLAND in the local paper,--maybe they meant Brooklands I guessed, in any case I went to the nearby yard to see what it was. It WAS a Buckland, the companies sports car BEFORE the AC Acecca and Ace. It was loosely wired together to resemble a complete car but was complete but for it's Jaguar engine.

Actually, this is an understandable swap for the original triple carburated SOHC 2 Litre engine and the car wasn't chopped up for it's installation.

After dragging it home I researched the AC rep for the US and found him to be LOCAL!

He had an AC register to sell me that showed only ONE Buckland in the US BUT, not his one if nearby once upon a time!

By now the probabilities were becoming pretty astronomical but more to come: A fellow had just sold his Jaguar shop --NEARBY- and was in his car leaving to return to the UK when I arrived and HE had the lost AC's mechanicals down to it's hubcaps which I bought!

About the car, It has a common channel frame, front and rear solid axles with drum brakes, The engine in front and drives through a Moss box in common with Jaguar driving a typical rear axle. The body is entirely of alloy over wood framing, interior is finished in leather and bound carpeting. instrumentation is complete with tachometer, speedometer, oil, fuel,amps and temperature gauges

AC made several minor variants of this convertible, it has roll up windows in the front doors but stake in quarter windows, some have solid windscreen posts others with the sporting fold down one. There were differences in the side sculpting but otherwise they were almost all the same. There are three SU's and the exhaust manifold has rare resonators to enhanse exhaust extraction. This AC Buckland SPORT is one of 16 according to available records, less than a hundred more Bucklands were made over their production run but over a thousand sedans more.

The engine was introduced in the 20's so has low compression, 6.5 being the usual and 7.5 optionally.

These engines carried on into the 60's being installed in the AC Aces to become COBRAS when replaced with the American Ford V8's.

Throughout AC's existence, their cars have been actively involved in automotive sporting events from Rallying to Racing and of course Shows

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