David K

20 year wait

I owned a 1981 Camaro Z28 that I special ordered.When I got married and was expecting our 1st child I had to sell my car to pay for my child's hospital bill. (nothing unusual). I kept tabs on my car for years until I heard a kid bought it and wrecked it and sold to a salvage yard. After 17 years and 4 kids I decided to locate my car ( if possible). Never found my original car , so I did the next best thing....search for one exactly like it. I didn't want a race car or hot rod just a original Z28 identical to mine. Well after 3 years of searching I was on the net one night and decided to take a break ..while watching a little TV I saw a ad for a auto site that I never heard of so I decided I'd try again. To my belief only 3 cars were1981 Camaros on the second car the picture didn't look like mine (exterior color wrong) but I took a look any way because the interior matched! After clinching on the info I was surprised to find out the exterior color was the same as I ordered in 1980! Maroon metallic with Silver interior. So I sent the man a message and he asked where I saw it because the ad had been on there for 6 mths or more and he'd forgot about it. I asked him to send better pictures which he did and I was hooked '. His only problem was he couldn't get the car for 4 months because in Pennsylvania they put cars/trucks/RV's boats in storage as large as a football field and he had a 2 week window to get his out in the spring. That was a long 4 months!!! Well the day came and a friend of mine rode with me as we made the 2 day journey from Louisiana to Pennsylvania. Then upon arriving at the address I could see through the glass in the car port that my car was only. 5 ft away and I couldn't touch it because the owner wasn't there and his dad was working ( Had to wait a hour). Seemed longer. Needless to say that was my wife's 20 year anniversary present to me now it's been 10 years since I've had my DREAM car back and it AIN't going now where !! Thanks for the time to share David in a Louisiana

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