Stanley G 1961 Jaguar Mark IX 4dr Sedan

1961 Mark IX Jajuar Saloon Sedan

In 1969 I bought a 1961 Mark IX Jaguar Sedan. It was not the right choice for a young family of five. So I had it for only one year. I always missed that classic car with its mesmerizing style, and told myself that I will some day have one again. Well, four years ago I saw one sitting lonely and neglected in the back of a mechanics garage in West Palm Beach. I put a deposit on it and paid on it for four years, then had it shipped to me in Stonington, Connecticut. My wife was not for the idea until we cruised the neighborhood village and bystanders were smiling, waving to her, with thumbs up signal. Then she was smitten. The color is a eye catching (MG white?). It has some mechanical challenges, but that comes with the territory. I always wondered what captivated me about that design until recently. I remember that my Father (in the early 50's) used to tool the family around in a 37 Dodge. That was it, my early childhood had impressed the memory of that classic Dodge (which I think looked similar). We love this Jaguar, my father would have too! Wouldn't it be ironic if the 1961 British design was copied from the 37 Dodge.

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