Sam M 1941 Chevrolet Master Deluxe 2dr Coupe

"Read, Just for fun"?

When I was growing up in rural mid Missouri in the 1960's, my dad had a 1958 Ford F-100 short flair side bed pick-up truck. I remember the first time I ever saw it. Living in the country back in those days, an underage driver such as I could drive the back roads with out worrying about getting caught. And boy did I, starting at around age 13 I kept those back roads wormed up. When I turned 16 my dad purchased another F-100, this one a 1960 and handed me the keys to the ole 58. I loved that old truck, and of course it's long gone many years ago. Sometime back in the early 1990's I decided I wanted to find a 57-60 Ford F-100 and replicate one of the trucks my dad had, the 58 or 60 was preferable, but a 57 or 59 would do. Well somewhere around 1995 or 96 a buddy and I was traveling a country road and I spotted a 1960 setting next to a farmers machine shed,we stopped, introduced ourselves to Mr & Mrs Zumwalt and inquired about the truck. They were an older couple that had been on the farm for many years. After we struck a deal with Mr Zumwalt for the truck, Mrs Zumwalt asked me if I had a younger brother, yes I replied. John, a skinny little blond haired kid she asked. Yep, that's my little brother. Mrs Zumwalt as it turned out had been a school teacher in our district in the 1960's. She recalled a time when the class (1st or 2nd grade I imagine) had finished early with there studies for the day, and she told the children they could finish up the day "Reading Just For Fun!" Back then us country kids didn't do much reading just for fun. When Mrs Zumwalt made that suggestion, my little brother, and I can here him now with an inquisitive voice saying "Read, just for fun"?

We had a great laugh with the Zumwalts, as did my brother and the rest of the family when I related that story to them. I tell the story anytime I can. I thought it was so amazing that Mrs Zumwalt out of all the kids she must have taught through the years would, 30 years later hear my last name, recall and tell us that story. One of the best moments of my "Classic Car History", and I've been in for a long time, I've owned well over 100 vehicles in my time.

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