Mark H 1986 Ford Mustang SVO 3dr Hatchback

They all come home eventually !

I know I won't get any sympathy from the car crowd ! We are all in the same boat. No more room, too much invested or "up against winter". IF you live on the north east coast.

As I wrote in a previous piece for Friends and Family - I find that car people stay friends! Before Facebook, before Phone directories that keep numbers & remind us of events WE ALL had contacts info, papers with numbers written in fading ink etc etc.

A week ago my phone rang and an old friend (haven't talk in 8 years) told me that his SVO was just too much to deal with. I forgot that he was about 20 years older than me when he purchased it in 1997 - I think we all tend to think that most of us are younger than we are! Mostly life had gotten in the way, inside storage turned into outside storage along with the bad gas, dead battery and flat tires we know comes with neglect. HONESTLY I forgot about his call , until he called the next Friday!

Greg asked if I wanted the car. I had to admit that two girls in college and NO SPACE warranted a no. Then he said - you can have it if you come get it. Well for that I could actually tell my wife! (Not like the many purchases over the years where I had to park the car at a friends, wait til I sold a car and claimed "it came in trade" or just waited for a better time)

With a dime in my pocket - but I did have my EZPass, Paypal Debit and candy for the trip I left at 6AM for a 525 mile trip. Now I did take a signed Parnelli Jones book as a gift for Greg!

15 minutes past set time of 1:30PM, I pulled into Greg's location and loaded the car ASAP with rain approaching. We got to catch up, HE LOVED THE BOOK and I left with the thoughts "what am I going to do with this!" 9 hours latter I was home and in bed. $230 in fuel, $15 in food and VERY TIRED!

On Monday, I opened the glove box and removed the owners manual and Koni Shock info that all SVO's got. Stuck to it was a post it note with this "I still have some other SVO parts and connections if you need them - Doug 480-XXX-XXXX" Now though I live in MI and I got this car in IL, I saw the name and number and thought "is this Doug H?" Number was bad. So I called another friend I bought an 85.5 Comp Prep SVO from in 1993. We talked for an hour,or course we had a car connection. He wanted to know if I had his old SVO. I do. We talked about life, family and our racing. Luckily he had Doug's phone number. On hang up I called. Doug answered with "IS THIS REALLY MARK HAAS?" (Isn't caller ID great). I said yes and that I just picked up an 86 Black, Sunroof, Leather SVO with his info in it. We too talked for almost an hour. Me now connecting Jim and Doug , passing on numbers and promising to stay in touch.

I really have to take it all in. How can grown men remember VIN numbers of cars owned years prior but can't remember phone numbers without writing down? Is there a benefit to knowing part number formats by heart? There is because it is all part of our hobby. We should be glad that we stay in touch with prior owners. We are all just keepers for a period. It is a natural point of progression in life. I'm sure it was bitter sweet for Greg seeing a car he owned for 17 years leave. For me it was reassuring that he said "I knew when I met you we would stay friends." Guess it works both ways. Question now is to whom should the car come home to!

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