Bob K 1966 Pontiac GTO 2dr Convertible

The search was on!

About 25 years ago, I made the decision to sell my 66 Chevelle to go back to college and get my engineering degree. Right before I started college, I built a model of a 57 Belair which I carried with me for 5 years as a constant reminder of the life I was working toward. I told myself that if I could make it through college and land a good paying job, I would reward myself with one of the most iconic cars of all time. After graduating college, I got a job at GM and decided that I should start searching for the car of my dreams. My wife and I started dating in 1996 and I took her to a car show on one of our dates. While meandering through the tri-fives and jabbering how I wanted to have a 57, my wife spotted a group of GTO's off in the distance and left me to check out the herd of goats. I naturally followed and when we arrived at where the cars were parked, she said in a very mater-of-fact tone, " You should ditch your interest in the 57 and think about getting a GTO". I remember her also saying that I would look awesome behind the wheel of a GTO...everything else was a blur after that. Having never been a Pontiac guy, that seemed like a stretch to give up my dream of owning a 57, but I was game and she really supported the idea of having a GTO. For the next year several months, I searched high and low and ran down some blind alleys looking for a decent car. One afternoon, I was at a car show looking over a 68 GTO that was for sale when a guy handing out fliers approached me about joining their club. I told him my story about looking for a GTO and we talked for quite awhile. After I passed on the 68 for various reasons, I kept in touch with him hoping for a lead on a car. During one of our phone conversations, he mentioned that he was moving up north and one of his GTO's had to go and asked if I was interested. I knew that it was a Barrier Blue 66 convertible with a tri-power and 4-speed and needed to see the car. My wife and I drove to his house to check out the car and when he pulled the cover off the car, I knew I had to own it. We chatted for several hours, made the deal and I was the owner of a real deal GTO. The car has been a part of our lives since 1997 and if my wife knew what an obsession it was going to turn into, she would have probably let me get the 57 in the first place!

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