Roland W 1958 Dodge Custom Royal 2dr Hardtop

The one that never made the factory brochure.

Back in the 70's, I had a crush on the finned chryslers from the late 50's, particularly the 57 and 58 model Dodges. I already had a 57 Coronet 4dr, 57 Coronet 2dr hdtp, and a 58 Coronet 4dr. I was looking through the paper one day and saw an ad for a farm auction in West Liberty, Ohio, that listed a 1958 Regal Lancer 2 dr hdtp in the sale. I thought it may be a misprint and was likely a Royal Lancer, so I called the auctioneer and asked if it could be seen before the sale. He kindly agreed to meet me at the farm, and when he opened the barn door, I saw the most beautiful car in my life, even though not in the best shape. All the chrome on the car was double the normal on any of my other cars. The headlight eyebrows were thicker, there was dual bands of stainless down the sides, and those great dual slant-back radio antenaes. I looked at the badges and it did say "Regal Lancer". I went back home and looked through all my literature collection and there was no mention of this model, so I set my sights on auction day. Well the farmers were all bidding on equipment, and then came the car. They all thought they could pick it up for nothing, but this 20 year old collecter would have none of that. I think I finally won the bid at around $800 and when the sale ended I walked back down the lane to get my check book, and then drove back up to the barn to pay. You should have seen the looks I got when I pulled up in my mint condition, shiney, black 58 Coronet. I kept the Regal for several years, never knowing its history, and finally a friend of mine talked me out of it. A few years later I was set up at a swap meet, and having moved on to newer cars, I was selling my literature collection on the old Dodges. A gentleman came up and looked at a brochure and told me he helped produce it when he worked for Chrysler. I asked him " then tell me what a Regal Lancer was". He explained that it was actually a 58 1/2 model that was made special and only one per dealership was offered. They came in three choices of 2 tone paint, having white combined with either red, black, or bronze (which mine was bronze/white). To this day I regret ever selling that car. I have only seen 2 others, one in an ad, and another that had been cutomized at a show in Detroit. Live and Learn, I guess................

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