Douglas C

The life long chase

The first time I rode in this car, I was 9 years old. The owners son was having it serviced to put in storage while he was in the Navy. That was 1955. I never forgot that ride, that Rocket engine and the Hydramatic shift. I think I was hooked on Oldsmobiles at that moment. As I got older, I always wondered what happened to that Olds, so I took a ride through the old neighborhood to see if by chance it was still in the garage, and it was. I stopped to see if it was for sale, and the owner, Mable said no. Her son was going to get it running. That was in maybe 1962 or 1963. Well in 1965 the car was plated, but never started. Fast forward to 1968, I got out of the service and just had to stop again. Still there and no it's not for sale. Well in Aug. 68 I was married, and from that point on my wife and I would stop and pester Mable for the car, all with a big NO! Fast forward again to 1996, I receive a phone call, and the gentleman asked if I still wanted that old car in the garage. Now I have no idea what old car, as I give anyone with a car my number and tell them if they want to sell, cal me. I'm a car Junkie! Well, it's Ron, Mables son, and he said he was moving to New York State and needed some money for a tractor. I grabbed my wife, my check book, and my keys! We were there before the phone got cold! Paid for it, got the title, and made sure it was mine all with in the 1/2 hour of the phone call till the deal was done. This chase spanned like 36 years, and that car was on my mind the entire time. It now 2014, and the car is getting a new paint job as I write this to you. All the chrome trim is in our spare bead room all re-chromed and the interior is in the basement, all waiting to go back together. After all the setting it did for those many years, I had it up and running in a short time of maybe 6 weeks. Brakes, fuel system, carb, fuel pump, tuned up. We have put about 4,000 miles on it in hot rod black. Now it's getting the paint job it deserves. This is a 40,000 mile one, now two owner car. Thanks for listening.

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