Pete J 62 Chevy Impala

The beat goes on

I’ve had classic cars for 40 years and always have time for anyone that shows an interest for them. My Nephew kind of loved riding in mine and wanted one of his own.

At age 20, still living at home and driving a Mustang GT his mom really didn’t think he should have another car.

He looked and looked for one and finally found one he really liked. His mom wouldn’t approve of it and as I came over to have a look at the car she pulled me aside and whispered

“ please tell him the car isn’t any good and he shouldn’t buy it” I told her don’t worry, it probably isn’t.

I ask him what are we looking at? A 62 Chevy Impala he said, WOW I said, My first car was a 63 SS and I wish I still had her…

We pulled up to the 62 and she was looking good, a Kentucky no rust car with a new interior , new paint and a 350 under the hood.

The owner had just finished the motor and lost interest before he did all the little fun stuff…

We took her for a putt and ask the price, I told my nephew, If you don’t buy it, I will.

That was it, the Chevy was sold. He still has the car and we cruise all summer long switching cars between my 53 Caddy and his 62 SS.

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