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The Ultimate Woods Find, 1966 Volkswagen 21 Window Bus

Summer of 2013 I was at a auction of the shop where the owner was retiring. He specialized in VW's and I went to pick up some parts. While there I was talking to my engine builder and 2 elderly guys came up to visit with Raymond. they said you need to buy Mr. XX's Bus. Raymond pointed to me and said there is your Bus Guy. I visited with them and got the phone number of the owner. I called later that day and arranged a time to look at his bus. I work in sales for a local TV station so I was dressed in slacks and dress shirt but I always keep knee boots in the car for searching for projects. I met the owner and got in his truck and we drove to the woods that in the 70's was a salvage yard. The owner has trouble walking so after driving thru the woods and around the edge of a rice field. He pointed in a direction he thought the Bus was in. After about 10 minutes walking thru Arkansas humid summer heat in the woods I found the Bus. it was a 21 window Bus that had been parked since 72. Still had the Florida plates attached. I told him I wanted it and would be back when the heat and mosquitos calmed down.

Fast forward to Thanksgiving weekend, I called the owner and said I was ready to come dig the Bus out. He said "You are going to shoot me. I forgot about our deal and made arrangements to have all the cars and equipment cleaned up and crushed", I was crushed! after 30 minutes, I told my wife I was going to look anyway, Maybe something was still there. The drive was 20 minutes from my house. I went and thankfully due to a freak Ice storm the contractor was forced to stop and had not gotten to the Bus yet. I went straight to the owners house and said it was not crushed and still wanted it. We made a deal and he called the contractor not to crush it. I went the next day and dug it out of the mud and attached a tow strap.

the next day I went with a friend to load it and I asked the excavator owner if he would tow it out so we could load it on a trailer. He said I have another strap. lets just pick it up and carry it out. so we did. It is an outrageous video. I brought the Bus home and let a friend have it to restore.

So that is my Ultimate find. A double rescue from the woods and crusher in one move. I also saved a front clip from a 49 Packard too. The rest was gone!

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