FRED B 1966 Sunbeam Tiger Mk IA 2dr Convertible

The Quest for the Tiger

I already own a Sunbeam Tiger MKI which I purchased in 1981. I was looking for a wheel for a spare for that car and I happened on a fellow who not only had the wheel I wanted but also had a MKIA Tiger that he was considering selling. That was in 2006.

I kept in touch with him, asking every time if he was serious about selling the car. He kept hemming and hawing about whether to sell it or not. He owned the car since 1991 and had driven it all over the country, caravanning with a friend who also had a Tiger.

When his friend sold his Tiger the one I had been persuing came up for sale, in 2009. I was given the first refusal right; I didn't need to exercise that right since I bought the car, some extra parts and a very valuable book. That completed my triumverate of Tigers, since I had owned a MKII many years before, I still own a MKI and now I own a MKIA.

Total time in persuing this car was three years, well worth the effort and time invested.

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