Hal H 1969 Ford F-250 Camper Special 360 c.i.d V-8

The Dream Car That Fell In My Lap

I have always loved old Fords, and I have restored several. I particularly love the old bump-side trucks. I had a crusty base-model 1968 F-100 that I was looking forward to restoring when I returned from Afghanistan. As a civilian contractor/IT guy, I had a lot of time to just sit in front of a computer. I would sit all day just looking thru old trucks to get ideas for my perfect resto. After all, this was gonna be the truck that I would have for the rest of my life. As I looked around the interwebs more and more, I was starting to realize that the resto I wanted was going to be insanely expensive and involved. It might just be better to find one that was already done up, or at least one that was a better base to start from. That's when I stumbled across my baby. I was doing a Google image search one day when I saw this 1969 F-250 Camper Special. I went to the website and it turned out to be a classic car dealership up in Ohio. Not only did the truck have everything I wanted, it was a fully-loaded all-original truck and the 'extras' were either factory or original dealer installed. She had dual tanks, power steering, power brakes, a/c, auto, and very low miles. The truck had basically spent it's life in a garage in Texas.

I immediately sent an e-mail and we started the ball rolling. The dealership really wanted to move this truck, so they really went out of their way to work with me. I had them do a few things to it for me. The interior was the original off-white vinyl seat with dirty lap belts and a black rubber floor mat. Since the truck had dual tanks, I had them remove the tank behind the seat, cover everything with sound deadening, re-upholster the seat in black vinyl with cloth inserts, lay black carpet, and install shoulder belts and a center lap belt. The truck had been re-painted at some point in it's life, and they painted the FORD on the tail gate in black. Not sure what they were smoking when they made that decision, so I had the dealership repaint the letters back to white.

The dealership was great! The truck cost about what other similar trucks cost, so the price was fair. They kept the truck there for me for several months without charging storage, then when it was time to ship it to Florida, they said they had a shipment going to Florida anyway, so they stuck it on the trailer and did not charge me for shipping. They were awesome! I was scheduled to come home the first week of April, so they had it there at my house the last week of March.

I love my baby and drive her all the time. Some people get upset with me because I drive such a sweet classic so much rather than keeping her locked away in the garage just for car shows. She's a 3/4 ton truck, and I use her like a truck sometimes. Folks REALLY get upset when I use her to haul stuff. Except for the 10mpg, I love to cruise in her. The driving experience is so much more 'organic' than what you get from modern electronic cars. You just sit back, hang your hand over the wheel, and enjoy the sound of dual exhaust on that big FE motor. There are still a few little things I want to do to her, but there is no rush. As I said at the beginning, this will be my ride until I die.

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    Dawn Bybee Pensacola, Florida December 6, 2014 at 07:22
    I use my truck. I hauled bricks one time to the dump and an old man shook his head saying, "mam, you know that you don't use this truck like that". I responded, "Sir, you know that's what they were built for". I am proud and happy that my truck is a worker. Enjoy your Sunday drives everyday!!!

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