Gary P 1980 Chrysler Cordoba 2dr Hardtop Coupe

The 'Doba That Found Me

It was April,2010 when a friend drove to my house and asked if he knew of anybody wanting to buy his dad's '80 Cordoba. His dad was 99 years old and had to quit driving and his two sons wanted to sell t he car to a good family.At first, I told the son that I could ask some familiar contacts.My late wife suggested that I buy the car but, I didn't want to add to our fleet. I told her that my buying the Cordoba would be contingent upon me selling our '79 Plymouth Volare. Well as fate would have it the Volare was,wanted by a friend for his daughter and sold one night and the next morning I bought the 'Doba. The car required some mechanical and aesthetic upgrades.The one rather unusual feature is that it's slant six powered making it somewhat rare.Being I'm a slant six enthusiast what with owning a modified '71 Plymouth Duster powered by the leaning tower of power.After a few months I met up with one of the sons and he said that he was pleased by what I did with "pop's" car.I told him that why not take the now 100 old dad for a ride in the recently refreshed Cordoba? Unfortunately, the father passed away not long after celebrating both his 100th birthday and 75th anniversary.Their mom died shortly after their dad.I think it was fortuitous blessing to buy this car and keep it in nice condition in memory of their dad.I'm honored to own this car and have it with the other Mopars we own. It's now part of our five car fleet.

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