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Shaker hood deal

I was traveling from Kentucky to Mansfield Ohio in 1978 for work when I stopped in Columbus for a drink. I happened to pick up a copy of the Mini Merchant trading paper. When I arrived in Mansfield for the evening I sat down and started reading the " parts for sale section when I came upon an ad for "Shaker hood fits Chrysler product $150.00 Well I just happen to have a 1970 Dodge Challenger and a 1971 Plymouth Cuda Convertible so I immediately called the number and asked if the hood was still available. I was told it was and I asked the man where he was located? He said south of Columbus. Now I just came through there and was an hour away but I asked him for directions and told him I was coming to buy this hood. I also asked him not to sell it before I got there which he agreed to do. I got to the farm south of Columbus and found the purple hood sitting on a couple bales of hay along with the shaker scoop from a Six Pack set up. The hood was removed the boys said so they could put a flat hood on their Cuda with a "Pro Stock" Scoop. I purchased the hood then realized how am I going to take this hood back as I had a car and it certainly would not fit in the trunk or the back seat. Not wanting to make a second trip, I had a blanket in the trunk which we put on the roof and set the hood up there. We tied it with a few strands of bailer twine and I was off back to Mansfield. Everything was fine till I hit the interstate. Trying to hold this hood down while driving with the other hand just wasn't working very well. Not wanting to lose my hood, and wanting to drive more than 35 on the expressway were very high on my priority list at that point. I got off the next exit and found a Krogers Grocery Store and went in a bought a 100' Roll of clothes line rope. I then rolled down all 4 windows and proceeded to wrap this 100' of clothes line around the hood and through the windows firmly securing it to the roof of my car. In true to Dukes of Hazzard Form I got in through the open driver's window, rolled up all 4 windows as much as possible and turned the heater on high for the rest of the trip back. The Beverly Hillbillies did not have anything on me that night as I was determined to get my prize hood back no mater what. I did make it back home after midnight and then had to undo my secured load and carry it into my apartment. Oh by the way I failed to mention this was in mid January when I did this.

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