Terry H 1967 American Motors Rambler Rebel SST 2dr Hardtop Coupe

Rebel rouser

I was looking for a 1970 AMC Mark Donahue Javelin, and while in Oklahoma I found 1967 Rambler Rebel SST. It had been sitting in a front yard for 20 years. It seems that nobody wanted it. The vinyl top was gone, the car was full of hail dents, the body was full of dents, the interior was ragged and the engine was locked up. I purchased the car and one year later it is as you see in the pictures. The car is special because it is almost a carbon copy of my first new car. It was also the car AMC based the 1970 Rebel Machine on. My 67 Rebel SST is very rare in today's world. I hope to have it totally restored for the AMC homecoming auto show in Kenosha Wi. in 2017. The car will then be 50 years old and hopefully will be one of the cars featured.

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