Ralph H 1966 Ford Mustang GT 2dr Convertible

Original unrestored Mustang

I assisted my girl friend buy her first own car, which was a 66 baby blue Mustang coupe, dark blue vinyl top, blue interior, under dash AC, V8, Automatic. Spring 1969 we married and now more than 45 years later we are still married. Less than a year after we married, we traded the Mustang on a six month old Hertz rental 1969 Galaxy 500 coupe because the Mustang needed brakes, tires, the ash tray was full and it needed a wax job. --------DUMB----------- The Galaxy was big and lumbering, not sprightly like the Mustang. No problem because about one year after getting the Galaxy she drove it through high water on a city street from a flash flood because of heavy rains. The Ford dealer dried it out and I traded it in on something, not the same Ford dealership. There have been way too many cars over more than forty years to remember all of them.

More than ten years ago we were riding our bicycles through an older but upscale Kansas side neighborhood of Kansas City. I saw an older woman messing around with her flowers/weeds in her front yard. There was a nondescript Japanese car in the driveway, but there was also a car in the double garage surrounded by boxes, bags and junk piled on top of it. Even though the car was covered, I suspected it was the rear end of an older car. We stopped and I asked her if I could peak underneath the cover. Sure was her reply. It was a 66 Mustang convertible, gold exterior paint, pony interior, rally gauges, full console, AC, V8, automatic. The top was down and I had to move boxes and trash bags from above and next to the car to get very slight looks at it. This had been her deceased husband's car and he bought it new. He had many cars after the Mustang, but kept the Mustang. It had under 30,000 miles on the odometer. It had a 1995 Kansas license plate on it. The woman told me it had last been driven in the neighborhood July 4 parade and parked and never driven again. I wanted it!!!!!

I asked if she was interested in selling the Mustang and she told us NO, she was going to keep it. I kept in touch with this woman every six months or so and kept talking with her about the her Mustang. After a couple of years I made her a written offer, I would rent a large trash dumpster for the trash and remove every box and bag from the garage, inventory everything and mark the outside of every box with the contents. Once the Mustang was out of the garage I would organize the boxes into some type of order inside the garage, all on my time and expense. Based on the volume of stuff in the garage, this would have taken many, many long and dirty days. I suggested she might even be able to park her little Japanese car inside the garage after I finished sorting and stacking everything. I offered her $12,000 and would pay for the new boxes and supply all the labor. She told me she had been offered $25,000 and turned my offer down. Turned out she did not live in the house with the Mustang. This woman was afflicted with what we now know is "hoarding". She lived in another house a couple of miles away. That house probably looked the same as the Mustang house. A couple of years ago I drove by the house and it still looks like a dump and I lost touch with the older woman. Based on my recollections of her age when I first met her in the early 2000's, she is probably deceased. Where is the gold Mustang?

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