Mike R 1995 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme 2dr Convertible

Neighbor's Fury

When I was a teenager, my neighbor Tom had three cars: a 59 Buick convertible - red w/black interior: a 62 Pontiac Catalina convertible - gray w/black interior and a 57 Plymouth Sport Fury convertible - Ivory.He let me drive the Pontiac to a dance with my girl friend when I was in high school. From the time I graduated high school until several years after I returned from the Air Force I asked him to sell me one of these cars. He always told me that the Buick was his wife's car, I had to ask her and she wasn't interested in selling it. The Pontiac he drove once in a while when he wasn't driving his Jeep Gladiator pick-up truck.

I kept on him about selling me one of his cars every time I saw him and the Plymouth just sat in the street in front of our house. My parents sold that house and moved away and Tom passed away a few years later. He only had one son who didn't care at all about cars. Tom and I built him a CJ Jeep out of spare parts Tom had collected when his son was in high school and he didn't drive that much either, I don't even know for sure what happened to those cars but I still think about that Plymouth sometimes when I drive my Cutlass convertible. Not sure why but I always loved the style of that Sport Fury, those fins - it just had the look!

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