Mike D 1970 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme 2dr Convertible

My wifes first car

3 years ago my son and i wanted to do something special for my wife on her birthday as it was going to be the last one we celebrated for a while as my sone was oing into the army for 6 years that next summer.

We found a barn find 70 cutlass supreme convertible with 66,000 miles all original except the tires and in need of restoration but it ran GREAT!

We gave it to her unrestored on August 27 and worked on it all winter in a dirt floor shop in the mountains of Colorado, we did all work including paint in this one floor dirt shop.

The first car show we took it too she won first place for the stock class, she won 5 more trphies including one best of show for her Like new but stock 1970 Cutlass.

My wife and i now enjoy the two cars we had when we were 16 my 1969 ss Chevelle convertible and her 1970 Cutlass convertible and my Soldier son is very excited to have this in the family for him to someday call his own as well.

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