Chuck L 1970 Plymouth Road Runner 2dr Hardtop Coupe

My past, my present & my future !!!

When i graduated H.S. in 1974, new muscle cars were a thing of the past. Even though they were still around used at that point. My parents had bought myself & my brother cars upon graduation from school. But mine was totalled due to bad aluminum mag wheel that shattered while i was driving it. Now my grandfather knew i had my eye on a 1970 Plymouth Roadrunner that a school mate was selling. But he had already promised the car to someone else so i didnit get it. But i was at his house every day until the other guy picked it up from him. I told the guy if he was to ever sell it, i wanted it. About a year later i got it. Eventually we all get older & dumber. I sold the car a few years later. But i always loved that car. It was only a 383, 4spd & air grabber. The car was tor red with white interior & a white viny top. It sure was pretty. I finally got married in 1998 & every time my wife asked what i wanted for a birthday, christmas or any other occasion. My reply was a 1970 Roadrunner. She would always say NO. But if i wanted one go & find it. I half heartedly looked for 10-12 years but couldn't really find what i liked. Finally in the summer of 2012 i found one in Michigan ( 8 hrs away ). My cousin & I made the trek in a truck & rented a trailer to haul it back. After i got there i found that internet pictures didn't show the whole story with that car. So we turned around & headed back to Pittsburgh very dejected. I told my wife that i probably never find a car thar i wanted to purchase. Then a week later i crusing the internet & POW, right in front of me was the one Ii wanted. It was near the D.C. area. I called to make arrangements to see it the next day. My wife & I drove down on a sunday morming & proceeded to look it over. I bought it on the spot. It was a Limelight green 440six pack, auto trans, heavally loaded california car. I made arrangements to have it trailered back to pittsburgh. After getting the car, i put it thru some maintenence upgrades. I now drive the car everywhere. I take it to car shows & cruises. It's nice hearing the comments from people saying how nice it is. And it does win it's share of trophys, which are on the garage wall right in front of it. I'm a blessed person to have a wife's blessing to enjoy my past, present & future.

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