Peter L 1968 Dodge Charger R/T 2dr Hardtop Coupe

My mid life barn find

When I was 16 , I spent everything I saved to buy a 68 Dodge Charger for $1600. It had a 383 c.i engine and considering I spent my few years driving my parents Ramblers, this was a rocket ship by comparison. It was in decent shape , and most of my paychecks back then went for insurance, new tires and GAS. Burning rubber was never easier... With an FM radio and a 6x9 oval on the rear deck, it always had a volume workout... Drove it to California, via Nevada and had it up to 130mph since there weren't speed limits then.. It finally died a few months later. Regular maintenance was for parents car...

Fast forward to 1999 and perhaps a mid life crisis ensued when I saw a 68 Charger for sale out in Kingsley, Mich than had been under a blue tarp and rusting for 20 years. So said the owner. Took it for a test drive and it ran but quickly discovered there were basically no brakes.. owner didn't share that tid bit. Made a deal, bought it, limped it home , and spent 2 years gutting the rust, wires and mouse turds out of the headliner . After nearly 7 years of work and effort, the picture you see is my pride and joy. My wife wishes I cleaned my room as much, and as well as I clean the car. It shows nicely at car shows, and usually am blessed to win trophies- even a few Best of Shows along the way. I have met so many wonderful friends being on the local car show circuit, and am always grateful and thankful when visitors compliment my car. I never take it for granted. Young boys that glare it are always offered a chance to sit in it and have their picture taken. Women that say "oh my husband or boyfriend would love this car" are always offered to sit in it for a picture too. Rarely does a show go by that I dont have an older guy come up and say, "I used to build Chargers on the line, back in the day" Great conversations normally ensue. I am blessed to have a nice car. and am quite proud of it. Cant even imagine the loss I will feel when the day comes to say goodbye to my old friend..

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