Jeffrey R 1958 MG MGA 2dr Roadster


Over the years, my brother and I have owned many cars. Most were sold to the next person who didn't know any better than us. One of our favorites...and my brothers first...was a 1958 Volkswagen...$29 Earl Scheib paint (burgundy), no heater, pre-gas gauge (1 gallon reserve that you kicked over when it started to sputter). Fast forward about 3 years and...

My brother and I fell victim to an ad in Hot Rod magazine that read..."Build this car in a weekend!!!". It was a Fiberfab ad for the Jamaican kit car. After a few phone calls, we determined that one of the acceptable donor cars was an MGA and, having a friend with a basket-case MGA (blown head gasket, rusted out body parts, etc.) sitting in his back yard, we ordered the kit. make a long story short....we (nearly) completed the kit car in 10 years....but I jump ahead. We were constantly on the search for one part or another over the early years...and at one point in time, needed a heater box. The Fiberfab dealer that had sold us the kit said that "somewhere out there" he pointed to weeds that were 5 feet tall...."is a '58 MGA that has the part you need".

So....using our tools as make-shift machetes...we cut our way through the brush until (I am sure) from above it had to look like an early crop circle. After what seemed like an eternity, we came upon a cluster of cars and there in the group was the MGA.

As we worked to remove the heater box, we noticed the roof of a Volkswagen a few yards away that was a familiar burgundy color. We looked at each other...and pushed through the brush...and there it was...the '58 Bug looking like it had been driven to that spot in exactly the same condition as it had been when it was sold.

After sitting for a bit in the old Bug reminiscing, we took our part, and walked the serpentine path back to the shop, paid for the part, and left.....we smiled to ourselves all the way home.

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