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Looking for the Heally

I was told of an Austin Heally 3000 hidden on a road in my old home town. It had been the story many heard while talking about the "one that got away". it was supposed to be on this road called **** **** road but nobody could verify its owner, location, or if it even actually existed.

I spent weeks driving up and down this road looking at every house and garage i could. After about a week, I had already found 3 early Mustangs, an old Cougar (with a 429 in it).and several other cars worthy of being found and saved from rotting in fields, hidden away from salvation.

I did not find the Heally but got a solid lead on an old Indian motorcycle.

It amazes me that to this day, there are treasures that can be found if you listen, study, and chase.

I now have 3 Mustangs, a Shelby and a Cobra replica.These are all owned by myself, and insured through Hagerty.

I own an old 1971 Mustang coupe,(found on an old farm in Oklahoma that I am working on to drive or sell.

I located, bought a 1966 Mustang fastback and it is currently under restoration by my son and myself. This car took time and perseverance to aquire , but it is going to be a beautiful father/ son restoration. My 17 y/o LOVES this car!

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