Charlie B 1965 Pontiac LeMans GTO 2dr Hardtop Coupe

Lightning Strikes Twice, (Almost in the same spot)

My "Barn Find" story starts about 5 years ago. One Saturday afternoon, my three sons and I were out riding the old country roads. Something we liked to do. Just to get out and drive and look for old cars. A game we play to see who can find the most. On this particular day, we were traveling a road I had been down 1000 times. As we passed this old barn that was siting no less than 10 feet from the road, my oldest son yells out, "there's one". "Where" I said? He pointed to the barn. So we turned around to take a look see. As we pulled off the road, I saw nothing. I'm looking trying to see what my son saw. "It's right there Dad". So I get out of the car and walk up to the door of this very run down barn. One of the boards was missing in the door. So I bent down and to a gaze through the opening and sure as the world, there sat an old car. How in the world he saw that was beyond me. What I was looking face to face with was a 1965 GTO hardtop. It looked like it had been there awhile. There was a nearby house that I started towards to see who was the owner. Turns out the lady living in the house was the Mom of the man who own this GTO. She tells me he moved to Detroit some 25 years ago. Every year that he would come back at Christmas or Thanksgiving, he would tell her I'm coming with a trailer next year to pick up the car and drag it back to Detroit. Well as the years clicked away, the car sat idly in the barn. So I gave her my name and number and asked her to give it to him the next time she spoke with him. She assured me that she would do it, but also assuring me that he would never part with that car. Needless to say, I never heard a word. Then one day I was talking to someone and I mentioned the car. Oh that's old so and so's car. The more we talked about it, I found out that the woman (Mom) that I spoke with had passed away. I then learned of the man's brother whom still lives here and he was taking care of the property. I tried to no end to speak with him, but could never catch him at the house or at his home. He also never would return any of my calls. All the while going pass the old barn to see if the GTO was still there. Then one day as I drove past, my worst fear happened. The barn door was removed and the car was gone. This was a Nightwatch Blue 65 GTO 389ci, 3x2's, 4 speed car that had just slipped threw my fingers. I just about cried. A few weeks later, I was talking to a friend of mine that was also into GTO's, He said the car was pulled out of the barn and taken to a restoration shop. Well I was kinda glad to hear that. It could have ended with the car being sold for scrap.

Lightning strikes twice. Doing what we do on Saturdays is always fun for us. Like any other Saturday, we have hit the back roads of our small town. Only this time, I had never been down this particular road. Out of the clear blue sky, "KaBoom". Lightning Strikes Again. There sitting in the back yard of a house is yet another Nightwatch Blue 65 GTO. The kicker with this GTO is that it is about 2 miles from the other GTO that slipped through my finger 5 years ago. It is basically the same car. 389ci, 3x2's, 4 speed. This GTO has been sitting for about 6 years. The man who owned it was simply in love with this car. He had bought it around 1969 and has loved every minute of it. About 7 years ago, he finally decided to start restoring the car. He bought all the new parts he would need. He got the car to the point of new paint. When the car was sent off to paint all expectations were high for him. When the car was delivered after paint, the man was heart broken and rather pissed off. The car had been painted the wrong color. The paint code for this car is E-E. Which is Night watch Blue. It was painted the E-E code. It was just the wrong year. Turns out, the painter had the code for a 69 GTO. The 69 E-E code is Liberty Blue, not Night Watch Blue. The man wanted his car re-painted to the correct color.The painter said it was the code he gave him and would not re-paint the car. The man's son whom was telling me all this said his Dad lost interest in the car after that. So the car sat. A couple years later, his Dad got sick and passed away leaving him the car. A car of which he has no interest in. So now I ask, what are the odds of me finding 2- 1965 GTO's sitting less than two miles from one another that are basically the same car? This one did not get away.

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