Su Z 1967 Pontiac GTO 2dr Hardtop Coupe

Life Partner

Down by the abandoned steel mill are the houses of the former mill workers. That's where I found the Goat: it was a small newspaper ad that lead me, in a rented car, to a neighborhoid of brick bungaloes. I was 22. The guy selling the car wasn't much older, but he had kids and all. When we went to the bank with the check, the kid looked at the money and the title for a long time before he signed both. That began my relationship with my Pontiac that has lasted to this day, many years later.

I drove the car as my only transportation for ten years--I knew nothing mechanically, and was pretty much at the mercy of everyone who I asked for help for even simple tune-ups. Some really questionable work was done then.

After awhile, I parked the Goat. I knew it wasn't fair to it to have it get ham handed by every one. I knew it caused wierd reactions; for example: one time I was driving it to work and the brakes just went. I was all of 25 or so then. There was a full service station--back when stations sold gas and made repairs-- and I pulled in. The guy agreed to fix my car, but when he sat behind the wheel to go into the bay, he kept the driver door open and one leg hanging out. This was not respectful, I felt. The Goat needed attention of a quality I could not then find, so I parked it.

Over the years, I moved it from one garage to another, refusing to sell it.

A ling time passed.

Finally, life told me I needed to attend to the Goat once again. I was lucky: I married a guy who could both do some of the work, but also knew what work he couldn't do. We found a classic car restoration shop, DCC, via a local car show--the Pumpkin Run. It took most of a year to get the Goat back to where we can go out together now.

It was very difficult for me to watch the restoration process--I was very emotionally connected to the car.

When I was first able to once again sit behind the wheel, it felt as if I were speaking to an old friend I hadn't seen in a long, long time. We both knew each other, but had to also get to know each other again...and we shall, we shall

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