Pete J 1953 Cadillac Series 62 2dr Coupe

I won The Lottery

I grew up in the motor city so it’s only natural to have cars in your DNA, I wanted a classic car and started the hunt at the age of 18. I had narrowed the search down to a make, Cadillac seemed like a good one, so I began.

I looked at a 1960 flat-top, a 58 coupe, and a 48 Fleetwood limo, that 48 was cool, suicide doors, fancy jump seats, long and black, that was it I found it….Then I remembered a friend (Silas) at work telling me to come and look at his neighbors car, he thinks he might sell…well my friend had a habit of embellishing the truth a bit, so I put that on a back burner. Just before I pulled the trigger on the limo, I thought, I better check out Sy’s neighbors Caddy. I drove over to Greenfield and 8 mile area and took a look.. The owner was about 70 at the time (1972) and I explained why I was at his door. He said the car was for sale and gladly showed me, as soon as the garage door opened up my jaw hit the ground! There sitting in all their glory were two Caddy’s, a 1953 Cadillac series 62 Coupe and a 1968 4 door Cadillac Calais…. I said which one is for sale, he replied both of them…as I walked over to the 53, I was falling in love, here sits a 19 year old car with 19000 miles on her….I ask John Stocks the owner why the low millage? He said, he drives his pickup truck everywhere and takes the 53 out once a week with his wife to church, for 25 mile round trip. The car was totally original right down to the tires, there even was an army blanket on the front seat to keep the wool and mohair clean. Needless to say, I bought the 53 and have had her ever since. Other cars have come and gone, but I just can’t seem to part with my first CLASSIC. I still take her out once a week on Sundays (weather permitting) and haven’t missed one Woodward cruise, she just turned 40,000 miles of smiles. It’s a true time machine as I feel 19 every time I turn the key.

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