Gary C 1939 Chevrolet Master Deluxe 2dr Coach

I heard the angels sing...

I had a dunebuggy for some time and decided to sell it. When it sold for $1600.00 I wanted to use the money to buy a pre1948 car for a streetrod project. Well after months and months of searching ads and swap meets(I didn't have internet yet), I couldn't find anything worth buying in my price range($1600.00)

Till one day I needed gas in my van. I went to go to the station but the road was blocked for repair work, I went a diffrent way and saw this 1939 CHEVROLET SEDAN sitting in a corner business lot for sale. The car was nice and all stock. Looked like it was just pulled from a barn. I slowed to look, but went right on by thinking it was to nice and I could'nt afford it. After getting gas I went back and stopped to look it over. As I was looking a car pulled up the driver got out and said "thats my car if you're interested?" I said "I don't know, what do you want for it? to which he replied"$1600.00" it was then I heard the ANGELS SING! I got very excited and asked "$1600.00?!! does it run?!!, I have $1600.00, I'LL TAKE IT!! do want a deposit?!!, I can get the money tomorrow is that ok?!! " the guy looked at me like I was a little nuts but said " yes $1600.00, it does run and drive,no deposit I'll hold it for you till tomorrow when you get the money". That was 25 years ago and I still own it today. It took 5 years with me doing all the work to turn it in to the blue car in the picture. Its still like Christmas morning everytime I open the garage!!.

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