Ben H

Didn't know it was even in the hood

This past summer my wife and I decided it was time to part with our 80 Corvette that we had owned for almost twenty-three years. In June of this year, it found a new home, thankfully miles away so I didn't have to see it much! My brother-in-law told me, "if you like that car don't watch it drive off". So, when John picked up the vette and was about to leave I told him I was going in the house and would see him later. Sure enough, that helped, a little. I kind of missed that car, but I knew it has a good new home with John.

Then, as we were heading for church last month, right in the little old ladies driveway two blocks from our house set this pristine Pewter 2002 Corvette Convertible. We had never seen this car before! Who could be trying to sell this car right hear in our neighborhood! I called the number that afternoon and found out the people that owned it had parked it in that driveway because it could be seen better than in their driveway (they lived around the corner on a dead end street). Come to find out this couple had purchased the vette new and she only drove it back and forth to the elementary school she taught at. And on bad days she drove their Hummer. This car had been in our neighborhood for over twelve years and we had never ever seen the car! Best part, we now own that 2002 Pewter convertible that only has 21,000 miles on the clock, have had the top down going to the car shows and enjoy it.

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