Travis S

Beauty in the brush

Back in 1998 a man moved into a house next to mine and he had a 1979 firebird formula that barely drove. I was a kid back then and just though it was a cool muscle car. She was parked in 1999 and just left. The man who owned it and my dad became friends and our family's got to know each other pretty well. Around the time I turned 15 I started throwing out the idea of buying it and fixing it up. He of course said no and it was somewhat of a joke from time to time. In 2013 he told me he was going to probably scrap it because it would cost him too much to put it back on the road. I saw my oppertunity and made him an offer he couldn't refuse. I transferred the title in January of 2014 and began the task of putting the car back on the road for he first time in 15 years. It took 3 hours to cut the car out of the weeds. When my brother and I went to remove it from its "hole", the passenger side rear wheel exploded. I then had to scour craigslist to get a set of tires and wheels. It took 2 1/2 months to put the car on the road. In June she rolled into a friends garage for a new engine and trans. I outfitted her with a custom built big block Chevy and a high performance turbo 350 transmission. She rolled out of the garage exactly 4 weeks later. And in this last august she received a first place in her category at a local car show. The old girl is still a work in progress but its something I wanted since I was about 7 and I finally was able to nab one.

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