Ronald B 1958 Chevrolet Bel Air Impala 2dr Convertible

$900 to spend on my first car

A young Marine stationed at Cherry Point, N.C. in 1960 I came home to East Liverpool, Ohio to have my Dad help me find my first car with the $900 I had saved. First he went with me to test drive an Austin Healey 3000 (exactly $900 and I remember it had leather straps across the hood). When he said why are you driving so fast, stupid me said well it's a sports car, you have to drive them fast. Guess that was when he thought a sports car wouldn't be the right car for me and came up with another plan. His friend and fellow bus driver had a son that was sent to prison for killing his unfaithful wife. Dad asked about the car that had been shown in the local newspaper and was now stored in the Fathers garage and talked to him about selling it. Don't know the details or how my Dad talked him into it but my $900 bought a white with black top 1958 Impala 348 convertible with a painting of a nude Mermaid on convertible boot and, Oh the car had exactly 900 miles on it.

Wasn't able to drive the car back to N.C. until the following week because the 348 had a knock and Dad had to pull his magic to repair bent lifter or something.

Unable to locate now, but I do have newspaper article that showed car where owner left it in woods near creek with door open and wife (out of the picture) was leaning against tree. He walked into town and turned himself into police.

Drove and loved the car until traded in for a 1961 Olds convertible in 1963. The auto dealer I traded the Impala to fixed the few rust areas and repainted car and gave it to his daughter.

I can't count the number of cars I've had over the years (many and still looking) but I'll never forget my first.

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