merton j 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air 2dr Sport Coupe

52 Ford dream come true

When I was in early high school, a senior student had a beautiful 52 Ford 2 Dr hdtp. Nosed and decked , lowered, flat head with 3 deuce. Ivory body with a bronze top. Reversed wheels with baby moons. Oh my!!! I loved that car and thought that I could never have something like that being from a rather poor background. That student drove the 52 to college a few times and coming home one time blew the engine. The car sat at his parents farm for a while. He must have lost interest because I was able to buy it for 200$. Wow!!! I already had a flathead to put in it and I was on my way. Very memorable. Unfortunately this car was wrecked a couple of years later. Mert

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