Charles H 1985 Mercedes-Benz 500SEC 2dr Coupe

1985 Mercedes Benz 500SEC Wide Body Coach Built Cabriolet

I am a Mercedes guy and have been for almost 8 yrars, the holy Grail for Classic S class Mercedes collectors are the Wide Body conversions made in the 80's and 90's. I began my Mercedes journey in Acton CA. You see lots of classic collector cars all over Southern CA. Not so much here near Kingman, AZ. Lots of American tin here, but no European cars to speak of.

On the afternoon of Jan 30th 2014 I was cruising to my favorite restaurant in Kingman AZ. As I pulled off I-40 onto Andy Devine Ave. (Route 66 in town) I turned south on Andy Devine and passed by a Mercedes Benz 500SEC Coach Built Convertible sitting in front of a nondescript former gas station. I could not believe my eyes. I wheeled around in the road, went under the Interstate and turned around and drove back to the car. I immediately hopped out of my 1982 Euro 500SEL, (see the corner of the SEL in the picture above),and began taking pictures of the car. Then it hit me, not only was it a Coach Built Cabriolet, it was also a Wide Body!

I gave the folks my number to have the owner contact me, and they gave me his number.

I continued to keep an eye on this car and after a couple weeks the owner called me and we talked about the car and he thanked me for looking out for it as he works out of town and could not check on it himself. We continued in contact and finally on the 10th of May I met him at the car. I had offered to keep the car at my friends home in Kingman so that the remaining pieces and parts would not go missing like his stereo and the Nardi Steering wheel horn button among other small parts.

The owner and I hit it off great and by the end of the day we got it to my friends home and the owner made me a deal that I could not refuse.

I have been slowly bringing this car back to her former glory. Doing all the work I can myself. The picture above is that very first day. I hope to have her done by my 71 birthday next Oct 27 2015.

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