Duane H 1933 Ford Model 40 Deluxe 2dr Coupe, 5-Window

1933 Ford 5/W coupe found

I had heard of a 1933 Ford for sale. I located the owner and looked at the car in very rough shape but very straight. I finally talked him into trading for a 1961 Buick convertible that I was driving. so I moved the car to my cousins yard where it sat for about 2 years later I put it into the neighbors garage and started to dismantle it. We then purchased a house and the car was put into one stall of the 2 car garage. I dismantled the car and my brother helped me restore and paint the chassis and running gear. Most of the sheet metal parts I needed were purchased from Bob Drake. The rumble lid came from California and when it was leaning against the garage I notice something under the primer with the sun gleaming off it. I carefully sanded the outer skin and I found wording painted on it "The Road Ramblers".

The car then basically sat for about 4 more years until after we moved into our new house. I purchased mostly NOS parts for the restoration. Purchased a 1936 ford motor out of a junk yard and proceeded to rebuild it. It was bored out and new cylinder sleeves installed by a guy that was about 90 years old in the building where he had started a service garage in the 1920's. He still had a 1946 Ford sedan that was bought new and saved in the building. You could barely walk through the building because of all the auto parts and machining equipment. I stood in one spot and counted 5 boring bars that were still in the crates since new.

The car was finished by my brother after I went through my divorce and moved to a different city. He then drove it to where I was living in December when it was snowing. About in 1998 a new roof was needed on the house so I had to sell the car to pay for a new roof. Gosh I sure miss that car. I found out after selling the car that my dad had owned a 1934 5/W Coupe Ford when he was a youngster. Isn't that ironic?? To this day 1933 Fords are my favorite.


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